I so badly need to do this as well. I am such a packrat, it’s not even funny. And I grew up watching my mother be a packrat, which was also a trait of her mother’s! And now, I have 2 iPhones & 2 Kindle Fires on which I hoard apps, photos, music & other such content! I am trying to minimize, deleting content to free up space on my iphone for more apps, photo edits & music. I go thru my bedroom, weeding out magazines from 2005 to present, clothes I never wear (some never worn!), books, cd’s, dvd’s, old bills, medical data, oodles of cosmetics, shoes, handbags, old date books & outdated calendars, and boxes upon boxes of my writings (which I sort & organize but will not throw out, until that magical time in the future when it is all contained in my cloud or device!) Ah yes, & i regularly re-read my several books on “Decluttering” and “Organizing”. Umm, yeah…so I am Definitely adding this post to my Evernote (my online notebook), & while I’m at it I will print a copy to add to both my “To Do” List and my “Save” box! Thanks for the post 😉 ~ Lisa Pearlman 3/14/13

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Okay. I’ll admit it. I am a pack rat.

*Run to hide under my bed’s covers*

I didn’t really admit that, did I?

Yes, I did. Because this month, it’s all about minimizing, and I’m never going to ask you to do something I myself have not tried or planning to try.

I grew up in a home with a fulltime working father, a mother who had chronic illness, and three little girls who were close in age and were often left to their own vices.

My father spent many nights studying or preparing reports while my mother rested from a long day’s work of teaching us, working on her business projects, and being a counselor to friends and family.  Our home was often left in disarray, and although my parents tried to teach us to be “neat and tidy” the example they laid before us did not measure up…

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About Lisa Pearlman

I am a Writer - iphoneographer - Social Media Artist - Content Creator/Curator (Freelancer) I have a B.A. in Psychology and Sociology from UMASS-Amherst. My past employment was primarily in human services, having worked as a counselor/case manager in both a residential mental health setting as well as in correctional facilities. My passions include Love, Peace, Writing, Reading, iphoneography, Animal Rights, Human Rights, Spirituality, Meditation, Music, HipHop, Internet Radio & blogging. I believe LOVE has the power to heal all suffering. I am forever a work in progress.
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