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21 Tips on How to Be a Perfect Girlfriend For Your Guy – Because the Internet Isn’t Ludicrous Enough

Originally posted on A Buick in the Land of Lexus:
? I recently came upon an article, “21 tips On How to be a Perfect Girlfriend for your Guy.” I had really important things to do, like look for a house…

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The Greatest Taboo (The Secret of My Success)

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In this post I am going to discuss something which is largely taboo in our culture.  Something generally left unsaid.  Something that I believe deserves a much greater degree of honesty and transparency. This post…

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Reality Architects

Originally posted on Discombobulated Musings of a Scorpio Diva:
?“Reality Architects shape their world with their thoughts. ?By attracting higher frequency vibrations, or energy, from Universe, they co-create portals of light that transcend all perceptual boundaries. ?It is in this…

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