We humans are so similar to this creature with brightly colored wings and conspicuous fluttering flight, we’re just like these butterflies.We flutter around people who allure us, spend time with them, take whatever we want from them and leave them. We go away to some other flower that attracts us and do the same with that flower. Maybe that’s life. We’re all a butterfly , but we’re also a flower to someone else’s life. That’s the cycle of life , its a struggle where we’re constantly being used by someone and we ourselves are using someone else.We’re all like these pretty butterflies, different colours, different sizes yet we’re all the same deep down, we all have the same heart. The heart which craves to love and to be loved. The heart which is attracted towards each flower. Each flower it meets is temprorary, but the love that they share is…

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Oh. Not Valentine’s Day Again! (REPOST)

Hi fam!

I  am sharing the following blog post, as it is one of the best Valentines Day posts I have ever read. (Yeah I know am 2 weeks late.) I even found myself almost shedding a tear at the end!  I am single, never married, but always felt cynical about that over-rated, commercialized holiday, even back to the days of elementary school, when we were “forced” to get a box of silly Disney valentines to give to “everyone” in class, even the kids who bullied us, as a social nicety that seemed silly at best, and torturous at worst. I am now 46, and yet to experience that magical Valentine romance … In fact, it seems most of my relationships ended just in time to spend Valentines Day alone, cursing the ground that all my exes tread so heavily on, with my heart being the main stomping ground. I cherish my family and real friends with all my heart; I passionately love all animals and, albeit begrudgingly, I love all people too, in all their human fallibility. Because we are all one, and because I believe there is goodness that lies within every being, although often buried under layers of social conditioning, ignorance, false perceptions, learned beliefs and a general sense of greed and entitlement…selfish intents that drive the human ego mercilessly and account for the atrophy and extinction of selfless values like empathy and compassion, which eventually burn out from lack of use. And on that cynical note, I will end my rant with a prayer of Love & Light to all beings, Namasté 

Lisa Pearlman 


Valentine’s Day; I can’t say it’s my favourite occasion of the year. But somewhere deep inside, beyond layer upon layer of past disappointments and calamities, my ‘Inner Romantic’ was quietly hopeful. In fact, I might go as far to say, she was a little bit excited about the prospect of going for a […]


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Prayer Request

Discombobulated Musings of a Scorpio Diva

imageMy dear friends,

Please pray for my Babyboy SPAZ…during the past week he became ill, saw the vet Wednesday, then over a 24-hour period he stopped all activity & stopped eating. I brought him to hospital for inpatient emergency care – he may have a rare virus called Feline Infectious Peritonitis for which there is no treatment & breaks his systems down rapidly. On top of that, he is in diabetic crisis with acute ketoacidosis. He was a normal healthy active cat up until 2 weeks ago – now he is unable to eat or drink or move. I am devastated – he has always been strong & hardy…only 8 years old! PLEASE PRAY FOR HIM, PRAY FOR A MIRACLE. I already have paid $3,800 in 2 days to at least give him a fighting chance – I owe that to him & more – he is the light of…

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The Waterfall

Sharing one of my poems…

Discombobulated Musings of a Scorpio Diva

Water flows rhythmically to and from source…Just as our breath flows in and out so effortlessly…a simple exchange of energy, a seemingly infinite process that knows no beginning or end…gentle reciprocity, unhurried and unattached to any outcome or destination… comfortable silences speak volumes… revealing a wealth of natural beauty and serenity borne out of patience and simplicity, and untouched by human greed or motive. Such is the infinite flow of chi connecting all humanity, the animal kingdom, nature and Universe and returning all life that is, was and will be, back to Source.

© Words by Lisa Pearlman 5/10/13

Photo courtesy of Philomina Minj on Google+

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21 Tips on How to Be a Perfect Girlfriend For Your Guy – Because the Internet Isn’t Ludicrous Enough

A Buick in the Land of Lexus


I recently came upon an article, “21 tips On How to be a Perfect Girlfriend for your Guy.”

I had really important things to do, like look for a house to live in, so of course I had to stop to read this.

Women already work full time for less money than men, made the diet industry worth a gazillion dollars and spend our formative years watching porn to learn how to completely suppress our gagging reflexes.

I’m in a sharing mood this morning. Want to know how painful it is to get ass fucked without lubricant? Read these. I even took the time to respond.

1. Look great for him. Men are visual.

Yes, he’s visual. That’s why he’s addicted to YouPorn. Unless you have another chick and can deep throat a python, you lose. And what about how jacked up he looks? Splashing your dick in the sink to get a…

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The Greatest Taboo (The Secret of My Success)


In this post I am going to discuss something which is largely taboo in our culture.  Something generally left unsaid.  Something that I believe deserves a much greater degree of honesty and transparency.

This post also contains: an update, an offer, some staggeringly beautiful words (not of my making), and the real secret of my success as an independent artist.


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Reality Architects

Discombobulated Musings of a Scorpio Diva

“Reality Architects shape their world with their thoughts. By attracting higher frequency vibrations, or energy, from Universe, they co-create portals of light that transcend all perceptual boundaries. It is in this light that miracles manifest.”

© Lisa Pearlman 2014

Photo & Words ©Lisa Pearlman 2014

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